Learn Chinese Today


Learn how to read, type and converse in Standard Mandarin, from professionally trained educators using our innovative and effective teaching methods


Chinese Radicals

We will help you build a solid foundation for learning Mandarin by teaching you Chinese Radicals – the backbone of the Chinese language.


We have developed an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot to aid your learning and use data analytics to identify your areas for improvement.

Zero Dropout Rate

We have developed tried-and-tested teaching methods which make learning Mandarin fun and a seamless process to eliminate student dropout.

Time Optimization

We understand that you are busy. Our course is specially structured and planned with your busy schedule in mind.

Learning Support

We provide 24/7 Learning Support in your journey to mastering Mandarin through our Online Support Forum, AI Chat Bot, and data analytics.


We have specially crafted a cost structure enabling us to offer the lowest hourly rate in town making us the most affordable literacy centre in the Klang Valley.


We want you to succeed. Students who complete revisions and assignments are rewarded with monetary rebates.


We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our innovative teaching methods we’re offering a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our teaching.

Course Material

Our course materials are specially developed to complement our innovative teaching methods to ensure a 100% cohesive learning experience.

"I would say it's a lot more effective than I thought it would be. I am pleasantly surprised......"